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About Us

Bee Joyful Sewing is all about finding the Joy in sewing.

Hi, my name is Carol-Ann and sewing has been a long time hobby and outlet for me.  I have enjoyed turning beautiful fabrics into sewn projects since I was little.

While I was a young mother of five boys I didnt have much time to sew.  As my young men started to leave home I made up that time in spades lol!

My family would say I have a fabric addiction.  I love seeing all the new fabric choices and can easily loose track of time when in a fabric shop.

I started to make and sell baby quilts, blankets and other items as a means to justify my fabric shopping (and give me a reason to buy more)

Eventually my husband Paul decided I needed my own long arm sewing machine and we purchased a beautiful Innova M24!

I was sew excited!! Paul had to put it all together himself, due to COVID restrictions preventing workers from traveling to set it up for  us.

I think this was the beginning of the end... Paul fell in love with the machine and now does most of the long arming!  He LOVES it! Who knew?

Together we make a great team!

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Bee Joyful Sewing Logo.